All Global Languages interpreters have proven and documented credentials and are trained in the field of interpreting. In addition, all Global Languages on-site interpreters are managed and monitored by Global Languages.All Global Languages staff interpreters receive specialized training to enhance and improve their skill set in an effort to maintain the highest levels of qualification.


Global Languages can assist you with whatever needs you might have. If you need on-site interpreting, Global Languages can provide interpreters, often in less than 60 minutes. If you have a brief meeting, Global Languages telephone interpreting can help you communicate effectively.Any day, any time, you can have an interpreter available in over 250 different languages at a cost you can afford. Global Languages document translations can take the guesswork out of whether your forms or instructions are being understood. Since Global Languages translations are read and proofread a minimum of three times, you can be sure that your words are accurate and represent the message you want to convey.


All interpreting and translating services from Global Languages are maintained in the strictest confidence. Whether it is sensitive legal or medical information, Global Languages adheres to the highest standards and respects the confidentiality of all communication.


Contact Global Languages, for a personal consultation and for more information.


For simultaneous interpreting we charge a daily rate, irrespective of the subject. For consecutive interpreting, we charge on a per-hour basis and we break down our services into “general” and “technical” interpreting.


Any specific terminology / abbreviations that will be used during the session.
How many languages will be used?
Language combination ?
How many people will attend your event?
The expected duration of your event.



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