Interpreter Training

Court Interpreters:

Global Languages offers orientation for interpreters, which cover the needs and expectations of the courts, with emphasis on ethical conduct, legal terminology, court procedure, and basic legal interpreting skills.

Medical Interpreters:

Due to the delicate nature of Medical Interpreters it is very important that Interpreters are trained in the following key areas: Medical terminology, Accuracy, Confidentiality, Impartiality, Cultural Awareness, Professionalism and Respect for work in the HSE and other health-related agencies.

Community Interpreters:

  • Global Languages provide the opportunity for interpreters to begin to deepen linguistic awareness and understanding of the nature of language in general interpreting.
  • Equip Interpreters with the necessary skills to progress to a higher level of interpreting for professional employment in the field.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of public services in Ireland.

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