We specialise in providing professional Interpreters when and where you need them. We provide different types of interpreting services you can choose from, to best suit your needs:

Simultaneous Interpretation
Interpret a language literally as it is spoken. The profession requires experience, a thorough knowledge of terminology of the source and target language, an ability to make instantaneous decisions and a high level of concentration. Most of the time, simultaneous interpreters use audio equipment, although whispering interpretation may be appropriate for a very small target audience. Simultaneous interpreting requires Interpreters working in teams of 2 or 3 in sound-proofed booths. Interpreters interpret what the speaker is saying as they are saying it into a microphone, and the delegates listen through headsets.

Consecutive Interpretation
Consecutive interpreters relay their interpretations when a speaker pauses, often switching back and forth between the parties who are communicating. This is the most common form of interpretation, and does not require special equipment. Consecutive interpreters must have strong language abilities, good interpersonal skills, and specialized experience if they are working in a legal, medical or business environment.

Telephone Interpreting
Our telephone interpreting service may better suit your requirements, particularly out of hours, in rural areas or when you need fast access. We offer a convenient, cost effective telephone interpreting service.

Court Interpreting
In a court of law the quality of an Interpreter is vitally important. That’s why our legal Interpreters go through a rigorous series of tests and constant assessment and training to ensure their work is of the highest quality.

Medical Interpreting
Accurate medical interpreting is essential to the health care field. Communication between health care workers and their patients is necessary for proper treatment. Medical interpreting demands fluency, knowledge of specialized vocabulary, and compassion. Working with patients requires patience and skill. It’s more than language that must be translated – medical interpreting can involve bridging cultural gaps as well. At Global Languages we recognize the need for trained, professional interpreters with medical expertise.

Finding an Interpreter for the Language You Need
We can provide interpreting services in most languages. We have over 1000 professionals registered on our system, so we can match our Interpreters to the job on hand whether it is legal, medical or financial!

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All Global Languages interpreters sign a confidentiality agreement. We will also be happy to sign your company’s individual confidentiality forms.


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